I am so happy with ProTan USA!!! I love the salons!!! THANK YOU so much for taking care of my customer service question and making it all BETTER than perfect again RIGHT AWAY!!!   Paree

Wow! The Formostar body wrap has done so much for me, I love it! ... I have noticed increased muscle tone, less cellulite, clearer skin and overall better health without changing any diet or exercise ... I highly recommend Formostar body wrap to everyone.  E. B.

WOW! I guess you guys are right on top of your customer service emails. I didn't expect a response so soon. I appreciate everything you did to help me. Thank you again for a prompt reply, it's nice to see a company who is up to date with what's going on.   Jamie


32nd St and Thunderbird
3131 E. Thunderbird Rd Suite 42
Phoenix, Az 85032

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9160 E. Shea Blvd Suite 203
Scottsdale, Az 85260

Tatum and Shea
10810 N. Tatum Blvd Suite 124
Phoenix, Az 85028

Phone Number: (602) 404-4600

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